Admission Procedure and Tuition Information
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  1. Read the handbook in its entirety.
  2. Have an interview with the principal.
  3. Pay the registration fee.
  4. Complete the entrance test, if applicable.
  5. Complete the following forms: Registration, Agreement of Conduct, Parental Pledge, Medical History, and Medical Emergency Release.
  6. Submit copies of: birth certificate, immunization records, and Social Security card.
  7. Await administrative notification of approval and placement. Please note that all new students will be on probation their first year.

Tuition Schedule

FIRST CHILD – $3,200.00
SECOND CHILD – $3,000.00
THIRD CHILD – $2,800.00
FOURTH CHILD – $2,600.00
 The tuition fee is treated as an annual expense. This fee may be paid by the month or per semester. Payments are due on the 15th of each month and past due after the 23rd. A late charge of $45.00 will be added after 8 calendar days. Posted checks are processed on the date only. The fee charged by the bank for returned checks, will be added to the families account.

Those on the 10-month payment plan will have their first payment due on August 15th. Each payment in this plan is an installment on the total bill. Families may take a 10% tuition reduction if the total tuition is paid by July 31st of the upcoming school year, and the students complete the school year in its entirety.

Students will not be admitted to class if their school bill is delinquent past 30 days and will be financially withdrawn after 60 days unless special arrangements are made. Students who withdraw or are withdrawn will be assessed one half of the remaining semester bill.